Counter The Eulogy – Transitions

Hi all!

I very much apologize for leaving this blog out in the cold for so long. However, there was a good reason for that.

I was very busy over the last year executing the first complete production here at Orthogonal Records. Now that it has been officially released I wanted to let you know about it. We are talking about the debut album of my Alternative Rock band Counter The Eulogy, entitled Transitions.

It is available for download and streaming at all major vendors and you can pre-order it as CD with DigiPac directly from the band (website above).

To give you an idea of how the finished CD will look like, here are some mockups of the DigiPac showing the artwork as well as the front cover image.

We are very much looking forward for your thoughts about it and would highly appreciate your support by purchasing your copy and following our social media activities.

Here are some links for you:
iTunes/Apple Music
Google Play
Microsoft Groove

We really hope that you like this new release that we worked our socks off to be as good as it could possibly get and thank you for your interest.

All the best,

P.S.: I will now also resume my series on building a proper control room and plan to come up with additional studio stuff and reports in this blog. So please stay tuned.

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