Google Translate Widget

Since wordpress now offers Google Translate as a widget I thought I could give that a try. I am already working on providing the sites content in a switchable bilingual format, namely english and german. However, this is obviously a lot of work and while I am still in the middle of translating everything the Google Translate Widget now provides you with the opportunity to at least read an automatically translated version of the website. I am well aware that this automatic process still includes a lot of errors, but it’s probably better than not being able to read the sites content at all. You can find the Translate Widget at the bottom of the site – just below the comments box (see pic). This way, if you’re choosing your languange every portion of the site is being translated automatically – hopefully in a readable way. šŸ™‚

I hope this makes the site and its blog posts usable to a wider audience. As ever, I am very much looking forward to your comments.

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