DIY LA2A vs. Plugin

As a follow-up to the LA2A comparison I did with Zed Marty, I did a more in-depth comparison of my DIY LA2A to a well known plugin, the TRacks White 2A. I am comparing snare drum, bass guitar, rythm guitar, lead guitar as well as vocals. Furthermore I’ve also got versions where the plugin signal has been flipped in polarity in order to clearly show the difference.

You can download the complete package of all files from my Google Drive via this link: . Feel free to use these files for your own in depth comparison. However, I once again kindly ask you to not share these files publicly, since the song is still work in progress of my own band Counter The Eulogy.

Additionally, I’ve got all the files in a listenable format here in the blogpost too, for your convenience.

Snare DIY LA2A
Snare Plugin White 2A
Snare Difference
Bass Guitar DIY LA2A
Bass Guitar Plugin White 2A
Bass Guitar Difference
Rythm Guitar DIY LA2A
Rythm Guitar Plugin White 2A
Rythm Guitar Difference
Lead Guitar DIY LA2A
Lead Guitar Plugin White 2A
Lead Guitar Difference
Vocals DIY LA2A
Vocals Plugin White 2A
Vocals Difference

I really hope that this comparison was as interesting to you as it was to me. Please tell us what you think either here on the blog or in the YouTube comments section. I am very much looking forward to your thoughts.

See you very soon,

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