We offer any service either as a package deal with fixed time frames or on an hourly basis. For definite quotations it is necessary to talk about your expectations. Therefore, we ask you to contact us and if possible arrange a face to face meeting. In the case of online mixing it is also possible to arrange a skype call.


Our complete offer for all those who want their songs to be recorded, mixed and produced by us. This means we would also intensely work on the details of your songs to squeeze-out even the last drop of their potential.

Recording & Mixing

We are responsible for recording and mixdown and will work on any aspect of those two important steps. However, the production will be done by an external producer or by the artist.

Mixing only

If you happen to have already recorded your songs this offer is for you. It’s also possible to book an online mixing where the greatest flexibility is ensured. You don’t even need to come to the studio for that offer. Communication will be via skype, e-mail, instant messenger or anything else you can suggest. We just ask for your understanding, that depending upon your recorded material we reserve the right to refuse your mixing only job or at least suggest a new recording in our studio to raise the quality of the end product. The reason for that is that compromises regarding sound quality won’t help neither you as an artist nor us as a studio.


We are working together with experienced mastering studios and can arrange external mastering for you to achieve the best possible result.

Additional Services

We are working together with people in band photography and artwork and can offer individual packages for you. Experienced session musicians are also at our disposal. Should you need any other offer that is not explicitly stated here please do not hesitate to contact us.